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Yogi Detox Tea Side Effects

Yogi DeTox tea is billed as a gentle aid that helps your body cleanse itself. Product information claims the tea aids your body’s two primary filtering organs the kidneys and the liver. The manufacturer advises that the tea can be used for up to 30 days. If you are pregnant,
funny cards against humanity, you should avoid this tea because some of its ingredients, such as juniper berry extract, are not recommended for pregnant women. Substances that may be increased include bismuth or digitalis glycosides, while elimination of hypnotics would be accelerated, according to the American Botanical Council’s “The Complete German Commission E Monographs,” by Mark Blumenthal.

Mild Digestive Effects

The ginger root in Yogi DeTox can cause a few mild side effects. Such effects are rare but can include diarrhea,
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citizens against humanity, according to University of Maryland Medical Center. Ginger also can affect blood clotting ability in your body. If you have a bleeding disorder, don’t use products with ginger. If you take blood thinning medications even aspirin consult a doctor before using ginger containing products,
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