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Its that time of year, I love to dread.

buy cards against humanity, I am looking for a sreceipe from our southern folk for corn bread stuffin.

With a bag of herb crutons: added into it place sautae onions, celery, butter, some sauges pieces if you have them. I use a can of chiclen brooth and a whipe with a fork egg. Mixture to moist content, then place in a cassarol dish and cover with foil, 300 for about 45 minutes until cooked through.

My sweet potatos, are canned one, add abit of butter and brown sugar. To really save time,
cards against humantiy, Mrs. Paul’s has frozen sweet potatoes that are great! They are in our frozen sea food Mrs Paul’s, not in the frozen veg’y section, go figure?

Corn is canned, cranberry sauce is canned, 5 lb cooked potatos to mash, I use canned cream and whole stick of butter to fluf!

Package of store bought biscuits,
card game humanity, the dinner rolls by Pepperidge farms or similar.

To carve the bird,
card game humanity, It sits and i Pick!

Opps, dinner time finsih later,

Have fun11 11 2006, 12:21 AM

Jo, Growing up I never knew there was any other kind of dressing than cornbread!:eek: :D My MIL is originally from Illinois and I ate what she called bread dressing for the first time and my best friend’s family made the same thing because they were from Ohio originally. They told me that was the only kind of dressing made up there and that they hadn’t eaten cornbread dressing until they came south. and I had help making it too! 5lbs of potatoes is no easy thing to boil, dump water, mash, remash and lift to the oven.

This Holiday, Kroger is cooking the turkey, HoneyBaked Ham is making the Ham, relatives are making everything else, visitors are assigned items to bring and I’m in charge of the bar. :D My brother is making a cajun dressing with crawfish sounds yummy! Being a Yankee, I never did care for cornbread dressing but have tasted plenty of it. I like bread stuffing the best. with loads of gravy!! Sadly, it’s StoveTop this year.

My big problem is getting the house clean before guests arrive. I can do some of it, but it will KILL me and I’ll be miserable company because of it. This will be the biggest chunk of family to see me really bad off. :confused: I wonder how they will respond? I’m going to see if I can recruit some friends to help me but for the long term, I just can’t cope with the housework anymore. :( there goes one more means of stress relief. If I will find enough enjoyment or give something valuable enough to someone else, then I figure maybe the flare will be worth it. Yesterday my husband told me that his mom was mentioning that whoever brought the pies last year, they were just not very good, so I told him to tell her we’ll bring the pies. My daughters are 9 12 now, and the 12 yo can even roll out a pie crust, so with a lot of help I think we’ll give it a shot.

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Torture of detainees common in Mexico,
crimes against humanity game

The torture of detainees in Mexico continues to be widespread and occurs between the time of arrest and when suspects appear before a judge, a United Nations official said Friday after a two week probe of issue.

“I wish I could say that torture is isolated in Mexico,” said Mendez,
cards against humanity full set, who was invited by the Mexican government to do the study. Human Rights Council, where it will become public.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry said the government of President Enrique Pena Nieto has made it a priority to eradicate torture and is committed to completing the recommendations. He said the torture regularly occurs in police vehicles or illegal hideouts away from police stations or jails.

He said the principal way to avoid it would be for Mexico to reform its justice system so that detainees get immediate access to a lawyer, something that currently doesn’t happen.

Various national and international civil groups have criticized Mexico for years for use of torture by security forces as a tactic in extracting confessions,
humanity card game, rather than conducting professional investigations to prosecute crimes. The criticism increased in the wake of former President Felipe Calderon’s attack on organized crime that started in late 2006.

In 2011,
cards against humanity online version, for example, Human Rights Watch said in a report that it had found evidence of more than 170 cases of torture, 39 disappearances and 24 extrajudicial killings by security forces under Calderon’s strategy.

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