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Growing Your
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One resource that could help your retail business prosper in both good times and bad is Bob Philbin’s new book "The Retail Doctor Guide to Growing Your Business: A Step by Step Approach to Quickly Diagnose, Treat, and Cure." It is a must read for all retail storeowners looking for solutions to improve the performance of their retail business.

If your business is not performing according to your expectations, or even if you just want to see it grow even more, Philbin’s book helps you examine the important elements that contribute to the success of a retail business.

More importantly, the book offers solutions, best practices tips and
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Some of the recommendations are quite tough, even harsh. And rightly so, especially if your business is on the downhill, or worse, in the gutter. If your retail business has never turned a profit, or losses keep piling up, maybe tough love is what your business really needs. You need to zero in on the problems in order to provide a workable solution, tough it may be. You need to address the problems head on, including firing the dependable but bitter Betty who seems to attract a lot of problems and turn off customers and fellow employees.

The strength of the book lies in its approach to understanding the common problems of a retail business. The book starts with a chapter on understanding your financials, and then looks at the setup and configuration of your store. He proceeds to focus next on your employees which he calls "your most important asset" from the hiring process, training and coaching, and how they sell. Only after you’d cleaned up your mistakes internally does Philbin delve into the marketing.

Importance of Knowing Your Financials

Many small business
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fake oakley sunglasses not know and understand your financial statements? Don’t be like many of them, who operate their retail stores based on what they think is right, not what their numbers are telling
cheap oakleys them they should do. If your retail business is not making money, as it should, you should look at how everything is contributing to your profitability. Don’t just focus on trying to
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"Limit the discounting. Without a plan, you’ll do anything to get money in. I know one toy
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses storeowner using Twitter tells her followers they’ll get 30 percent off if they come in that day! What she doesn’t realize is how she is robbing herself of profits to pay the bills."

How Your Store Looks is Critical to its Success

The book then focuses on the look and design the store, explaining how merchandising placement, maintenance, and flow of movement are important to a successful store. Great displays help build sales because they stop customers in their tracks and persuade them to select an item they hadn’t necessarily considered. Conversely, sloppy or poorly coordinated displays rob your store
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He proceeds to give tips on how to select the merchandise to display, the types of displays to consider, how to merchandise your store and even common merchandising don’ts. The ways you present your store and the items you sell have a huge impact on your sales.

What should you not do? For starters, avoid hiring a man carrying a big sign outside your store as it makes you look unsuccessful. As Phibbs wrote,

"Nothing appears more desperate than a person standing on the sidewalk holding a red arrow pointing to your store. Though it may get you attention, it just makes people think: "poor guy."

If you are running an online store, or thinking of opening your own retail store, "The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business" is just what you need. It is one of the best small business retail books that I’ve read in a long time It is full of common sense advice that could save you tons of money. Or perhaps even your business.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: