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back and forth battle won at the last minute, in a true shocker, by Watson the IBM supercomputer. the European economic crisis worsens still further as Moody’s downgrades its credit rating for Spain following the discovery that the Spanish government, having run completely out of money, secretly sold the Pyrenees to China and is now separated from France only by traffic cones. In domestic news, the renegade Wisconsin Democratic state legislators are finally captured in a late night raid by the elite Wisconsin State Parliamentarian SWAT team, which knocks down the legislators’ hotel room door using a 200 pound, steel reinforced edition of Robert’s Rules of Order. The SWAT team then subdues the legislators using what one source describes
Cheap jerseys as "a series of extremely aggressive cloture votes." On the national political front, Newt Gingrich, responding to a groundswell of encouragement from the voices in his head, reveals that he is considering seeking the Republican presidential nomination

Actor who played Danno on ‘Hawaii Five LOS ANGELES Stage and screen actor James MacArthur, who played Danno in the original version of television s Hawaii Five O, died Thursday at age 72.In a career that spanned more than four decades, MacArthur was most recognized for his role as detective Danny Danno Williams on Hawaii Five O, which aired from 1968 to 1980. Episodes often ended with detective Steve McGarrett, the lead character, uttering what became a pop culture catch phrase: Book em, Danno.Jack Lord, who starred as McGarrett, died in 1998.MacArthur quit the role of McGarrett s sidekick a year before the program s final season.Quite frankly, I grew bored, he explained on his website. The stories became more bland and predictable and presented less and less challenge to me as an actor.Hawaii Five O, one of the longest running crime shows in TV history with 278 episodes, was shot on location in the Hawaiian islands. It was the first Hawaii based national TV series.Glenn Cannon, a University

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and unforeseen consequences are numerous and would undoubtedly result in economic losses and could also directly result in the loss of life." Scott spokesman John Tupps said there are other options to fund emergency response if need be, particularly during hurricanes. Schools could be hit hard, too. Without state funding, it would be up to each school district to decide if and how to pay teachers, fund summer school and prepare for the coming school year, Department of Education spokeswoman Cheryl Etters said. Districts could dip into funding reserves to keep paychecks flowing to teachers and other employees who are paid during summer break. Still, some teachers could have to wait until a budget is passed to be paid. "School districts live
Cheap jerseys from China on the edge economically as it is," said Andy Ford, president of the Florida Education Association. "To have even a few weeks worth of delay is just not in the best interests of children." Recipients of Medicaid the program at

polls in both countries to predict the scale of the Obama and Cameron victories. But their predictive value at this point is sufficiently minimal that readers can save a lot of time by disregarding much of what will be breathlessly reported in the next eight months. In 2011, transient GOP national poll leaders (setting aside ultimate nominee Mitt Romney) included eventual also rans such as former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, real estate mogul Donald Trump and Atlanta businessman Herman Cain. Unfortunately, national poll numbers are being used to determine participants
Cheap NFL jerseys in the initial Republican debates. That seems unfair to those whose current low poll numbers unlike in the middle of a general election campaign reflect name identification or prominence far more than political potential. But if the polls are pretty worthless, these other aspects of primary campaigns are worth watching. Here are five things to keep in mind:

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Who should report

Who should report?

Only persons including employers, the self employed and people in control of work premises should submit reports under RIDDOR. If you are an employee (or representative) or a member of the public wishing to report an incident about which you have concerns, please refer to our advice.

If you are an employer, you must report any work related deaths,and certain work related injuries, cases of disease,and near misses involving your employees wherever they are working.

michael kors handbags outlet you are in control of premises,

If you are in control of premises, you must report any work related
cheap Michael Kors handbags deaths, certaininjuries to members of the public and self employed people on your premises, and dangerous occurrences (some near miss incidents) that occur on your premises.

Members of the public, employees, injured persons and their representatives

The RIDDOR reporting system is only ;for notification of those incidents which require reports under the RIDDOR regulations. Reports should only be submitted Persons with duties under these regulations, such as employers, the self employed, and those in control of work premises where incidents occur. It is not appropriate for injured persons, members
cheap Michael Kors outlet of the
Michael Kors handbags outlet public or others who do not have duties under RIDDOR to use this reporting system.

If you are an employee and have suffered a work related injury, or have been diagnosed as suffering from a work related reportable disease, you should inform your employer. If you are concerned that your employer or other Responsible Person has not made a required report you should:

ask them if they have reported the incident, and/or;

approach your employee or TU representative

If you still feel that your accident or work related disease has not been properly reported, you may raise your concern with HSE.

If you wish to tell HSE about an incident, or have concerns about ongoing risks to health and safety, please refer to our advice.

The employment status of agency workers
cheap Michael Kors is not always clear to the worker, or to the organisations who are supplied with labour. In many cases, the employment agency is the legal employer, and is under the same legal obligations as any other employer to report accidents and ill health to their employees. In other cases, for instance where workers are self employed, the duty is on the host business to report accidents as the person in control of the premises where an accident occurs. Self employed persons are responsible for reporting accidents which occur on their own premises, and ill health conditions.

In practice, agencies should ensure that responsibility for reporting under RIDDOR is clearly assigned to the appropriate person based on the particular facts of the employment relationship. Agencies should ensure that reporting responsibilities are clearly understood by host businesses and the workers.

If you are a conveyor, filler, importer or supplier of flammable gas and you learn, either directly or indirectly that someone has died, been found unconscious or has been taken to hospital in connection with the gas you distributed, filled,
discount Michael Kors imported or supplied, then this must be reported. This includes exposure to unburnt gas, products of combustion ie Carbon Monoxide
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet or fire/explosion incidents. In practice the reporting duties are usually undertaken by the gas Emergency Service Providers (ESPs) representing gas conveyors.

If you are a gas engineer registered with the Gas Safe Register, you or your employer must provide details of any gas fittings, including appliances and flues or ventilation used with the appliances, that you consider to be dangerous, to such an extent that people could die, be rendered unconscious or need to be taken to hospital, because the design, construction, installation, modification or incorrect servicing could result in:

an accidental leakage of gas;

incomplete combustion of gas or ;

inadequate removal of products of the combustion of gas.

Fittings that are dangerous solely due to lack of maintenance are not reportable

For most incidents at an offshore installation, the responsible person will be the dutyholder under the
fake Michael Kors Offshore Installations and Pipeline Works (Management and Administration) Regulations 1995.Articles Connexes:

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